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After a year and a half, of being deprived of community gathering and live music entertainment, Manifesto is excited to launch The Mini-Festo Concert Series! We are ready to re-ignite the city of Toronto with live music featuring artists from across Canada! Mini-Festo is a live, in-person, 3 part concert-series, featuring 3 Canadian- export ready artists 2 Canadian DJs and 1 international act per show. We are presenting music at a world-class level, fostering the growth of all talent while providing a voice and stage for exposure and career development. Equally as important, Manifesto will need a strong team to support with bringing this series to life.


Manifesto has been know for elevating and platforming the careers of emerging music entrepreneurs, and being that stepping stone that propels careers. Remain true to our foundation, we will be prioritizing job creation for marginalized youth, between the ages of 19-29, to work alongside the seasoned staff at Manifesto to bring this concert series together.

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